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FILM: Legends of Hainted Ditch - It all began with a photo.

While at a truck stop outside of West Memphis, Arkansas, Alex Norvin and his sister Laura meet an alcoholic paranormal investigator...

Friday, February 23, 2018

Memories & Futures: Maybe we will fix it next time around.

I remember retail stores closing at 8pm maybe later in bigger cities.

Those days were not as chaotic as life is now. Yet, the genie is out of the bottle and she cannot be stuffed back into it. So, with the empty genie bottle sitting on the fireplace mantel we must progress forward while ensure we do are best to regulate society in such a way that chair cannot merge it's ugly head.

However, that is one solution there may be others.

Yet, I prefer to say everything is cyclical and organic. Translation we are an overpopulated world and mother nature is shaking us off this planet via dieses, natural disasters & climant changes like the human race was a bad case of fleas. Well, in a way we are the cancer of this planet and while we can be benign or malignant.

I somewhat feel we are entering a malignant stage marching towards destruction.

However, as the apostles creed in the Methodist church ends with The phrase WORLD WOTHOUT END. AMEN AMEN.

I have always taken that to me we the survivors of darkness inherit the earth to rebuild from the ashes.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Being Different: Walking against the crowd.

I would like to say I am "Normal" like everyone else but I have always marched to my own rhythm which is often out of step with the others around me.

It first began when I was child in grade school. I would fight my own sleep cycle to stay awake at least until Midnight when the local tv stations would sign off with the famous lines "This completes our broadcast day" followed by the national anthem.

It was in grade school when I recall looking at another male classmate while talking about another male student when I said, "Do you ever wonder what it's like to date him?"

I think I was in the fifth grade when I first gave any indication that I was interested in other guys. However, this when I was probably around ten years old and 1987-8 and Arkansas so that kind of thought never came back out of my mouth for a long time.

So, now I am this guy who has silenced himself and living within his own mind. As the years would go by I found myself coming out of the closet more than once. It was until I had entered college that I began to accept that I was bisexual.

Yet, being bisexual was a horrible place to be because the straight people didn't want to know you and only a tiny portion of the gay community thought you were being honest with yourself.

I cannot count the number of times I head the phrase, he is gay just hasn't met the right guy yet or he just wants to be gay he is actually straight.

However, as mentioned early I not like other people. I am polyamorous or more simply put ethical non-monogamous. What this means is, I believe it is possible to love more than one person at a time and as long as the other persons involved are okay with such a relationship there is nothing wrong with such a lifestyle.

So, here I am like me or not it is who I am and all that matters is that I am happy with myself even if the unique road I am on can be very lonely most of the time.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Going Unstuck: A Thought of moving forward.

Lately, I have been stuck on West Coast time or should I just say suffering from anxiety or just plain insomnia.

I have been off my anti-depressants for about a month and I tend to be up all hours of the night then sleep from 5 or 6am to around 3pm where I drag myself out of bed and to my state job.

All that will change on February 1st when I stop reporting to work as I beginning my transition that will relocate me to California will for better or worse I will be a working Actor.

No role will be too small but I hope in the back of my mind that the bills will be met.

Hey Kia, I own a 2015 Optima and will be driving cross country I hope to film a travel documentary along my way.

Would you like to fund the film? If not I am sure there are interested parties out there.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

FILM: Legends of Hainted Ditch - It all began with a photo.

While at a truck stop outside of West Memphis, Arkansas, Alex Norvin and his sister Laura meet an alcoholic paranormal investigator by the name of Moses Hudson, who after hearing of their plans to visit the old Hardin homestead he tells them about the rumors of the early Arkansas pioneer Jonathan Hardin and suggests they stay away.

Once they check in they soon find digging up the past can be hazardous to their health. 

It All Began With A Photo! 

It was the month of May, if memory serves me correctly and around  3PM when I blindly snapped this photo of the wooded overgrowth at the location of the abandoned Hardin Cemetery. When I arrived home and looked at the photo I found the following. I wont you what I think it is but I do believe it something that I cannot begin to explain.

- Lance J. Gosnell

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Finding my way to the new beginning.

For most of my life I have struggled to find my place in this world.

I was born in Conway,  Arkansas a small bedroom community 30 minutes northwest of the state capitol in Little Rock.

I never asked to be born here and maybe that was the problem or maybe it was being a child of divorced parents and not being able to cope with the trauma I suffered at the age of five.

Who knows? Honestly, all I know is for much of my life I either tried to hard to be friends with those who I felt had lifestyles well beyond mine or I isolated myself from the world.

Well, all that stops now.

It time to go big or go home, wherever the hell that is.

Monday, June 12, 2017

It's a Brave New World & I'm learning to walk.

Have you ever found yourself awake at the Devils Whitching Hour and thought there has to more to this existence?

Well, I have and this is pretty much exactly what I have been doing since midnight when I got off work.

Good news is, I am alive and that's not to shabby for big old ambiguously queer southern guy who is into creating stories, searching for the truth while researching history and being an all around social justice activist.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rinse & Repeat: Beginning Again

Life is composed of Mountains and Valley's but in my life In life things are constantly in flux.

Yet, among the chaos the one thing that has been a constant has been my desire to experience life to its fullest through an artistic lens.

Well, this post on the blog is to mark the day I begin again.