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"They Win, You Lose Committee" mailer comes to Faulkner County. #arpx #argop #arkdems

UPDATE: 5/30/15

The Above screen capture has been verified.
Download the PDF form at this link:


The Secretary of state website listed a Mary F. Dillard as donating to the 2008 Hillary Clinton Campaign and a document of disloving a Dillard & Associates. This Mary F. Dillard lived at one time in Malvern.

So, is M.F. Dillard the SOS website's Mary F. Dillard?


Today in the mail I received a political mailer from the so-called "They Win, You Lose Committee" several google searches brings nothing up about this group.

Then I tried to search for the chairman's name. M.F. Dillard and hit a brick wall.

Next up was to look up the P.O. Box address listed on the mailer and found another wall of nothingness.

Next search will be through the secretary of states office.

What is the mailer about?

It is about getting residents not to sign a petition should could turn non-alcoholic aka Dry Counties into Wet Counties.

I live in Faulkner County and we are loosing a good chuck of our tax base to Pulaski County & Conway County because in my home town of Conway, which is a moist county because it allows the sell of alcohol by the drink in bars & eating establishments, yet its citizens are often known to make Beer Runs to the county line where one can purchase their favorite alcoholic drinks by the case and bring it home.

So, it makes sense that any number of these county line liquor stores might be lobbing to prevent such a change because it would decrease sales as these establishments.

Now, we could also look at Arkansas churches which in the south are known to approach imbibing via particular bible versus.

 So, until some answers can be discovered I will let the images speak.



  1. I got the same mailer. I agree that it could be the liquor stores efforts. Lake liquor is a known opponent of any measures to make Faulkner county wet so there's likely even more.

    1. M.F. Dillard isn't directly listed the Secretary of State archives however, there is a Mary F. Dillard who was listed as living in Malvern & married to a Tom Dillard. (They are both retired with Tom being a former School System employee and Mary listed as a consultant.)

      Mary F. Dillard donated $500 to the Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign.

      Mary & Tom were bother board members of a dissolved organization by the name of Dillard & Associates.

      This makes me question if they M.F. Dillard is Mary F. Dillard & if so what is the connection to the the Dillard's Dept Store if there is a connection.

  2. mine says at the bottom "Remember, your name will be part of public record, and (in red) you won't be in very good company!

    sounds like a threat

  3. Just so you know, I have posed this before, on another thread. But, thought it might be worth posting on this thread too. If not, feel free to delete it, or the other.

    I get a lot of these fliers and consider them to be nothing but junk mail. I signed the petition, not because I want Faulkner County to be wet, as I consider myself neutral on the subject. What I am not neutral about, is the right of the people to choose for themselves.

    This "Decline to Sign" campaign isn't anything but an attempt to stop the democratic process. By signing the petition, you are not saying that you want Faulkner county to be wet, you are saying that you believe in the democratic process and the rights of the citizen to vote. The simple fact is that in the democratic process, this could go either way. Voters can vote for or against making Faulkner County wet. Those that oppose the county being wet, simply need to vote "NO". If a majority of the citizens vote "NO" then Faulkner county will not become wet.

    The ploy, of saying "Remember, your name will be a part of the public record, and you won't be in very good company" is a scare tactic and nothing more. The fact is that the "They Win, You lose" Committee is not on the record for being anti-democracy. They are on the record for inferring threat to those that sign a petition which allows voters to exercise their right to vote... This has been further supported by people grabbing petitions, from those collecting signatures.

    By not signing the petition, you are either afraid that democracy will work or you are saying that the people are simply to stupid to be allowed to choose for themselves. By signing the petition, you are saying that you trust your fellow citizens to vote in a way that best suits us and that they are smart enough to have a direct hand in creating our laws, in our community.

    Like I said, I am neutral on the issue of Faulkner county, becoming wet or staying dry. I don't particularly care either way. I can not say that I want to see liquor stores on every corner, but I am not opposed to people being able to buy a six pack of beer while they are picking up some groceries either. What I am against, is the attempt to subvert the democratic process...and IMHO, that is exactly what "They Win, You Lose" committee is attempting to do.

  4. There is more information at Arkansas Business


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