UPDATE: "They Win You Lose Committe's" - Decline to Sign Mailer #arpx #alcoholwars

So you may have seen this mailer in your mail from the "They Win You Lose Committee" with it's chair listed at M.F. Dillard. on further investigation and digging we find a lobbyist for DBH Management which has an address at 207 Church Street in Morrilton, Arkansas to be Camille A. Boggess who is listed as the the Treasure for the "TWYLC" and on the follow the money website she is listed as a lobbyist for the Conway County Legal Beverage Association.

Then when you google the CCLBA you find a reference on the SOS website to it and on its list of officers you find Otto Leinhard which is a person and the same name as the Budweiser distributor.

Now, it gets interesting but not to exciting. Based on information from Blue Hog Report we find that on 9/19/13 CCLBA contributed $5,000 dollars with a total contribution for the year as $8,000 to DBH 2 PAC.

So, does Otto Leinhard the person or the company know that it's lobbyist is sending mailers out from the "They Win, You Lose Committee" I would think that some knowledge might be present.

FYI: A founding member of the Conway County Legal Beverage Association was Robert Hawkins the son of the "Famous" Sheriff of Conway County Marlin Hawkins and in 2012 one of the lobbyist for DBH was Marlin's other son Bruce Hawkins.

In closing these people who are sending out the fliers which are opposed to allowing Alcohol in Faulkner County are likely doing so from a vantage point that will lead to a decrease in profit because in the state of Arkansas dry counties can not have the distributor deliver the liquor to the eating establishment.

So, either the vast number of "Liquor by the Drink establishments" are either driving to the Otto Leinhart distributor and purchasing the liquor from the warehouse or they are buying the liquor at retail from liquor stores.

Either way Conway County Liquor stores stand to be hurt if Faulkner County can bypass the current wet counties for their tap to flow with the nectar of the gods.

What do you think?


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