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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Famous Ancestors & Relatives - How I connect to John Floyd Jr.

John Floyd Jr. ( 25th Governor of Virgina)

5th Great Grand Uncle

John Floyd, SR (1745 - 1783)
father of John Floyd Jr
Reuben Floyd (1765 - 1824)
son of John Floyd, SR
John Floyd (1804 - 1913)
son of Reuben Floyd
Elizabeth "Caroline" Floyd (1852 - 1937)
daughter of John Floyd
Benjamin Wallace "Ben" Storment (1884 - 1957)
son of Elizabeth "Caroline" Floyd
Lela M Stacks (1911 - 1994)
daughter of Benjamin Wallace "Ben" Storment
A. J. "buddy" Stacks (1932 - 1989)
son of Lela M Stacks
Linda Kay Stacks (1956 - )
daughter of A. J. "buddy" Stacks
Lance J. Gosnell
You are the son Linda Kay Stacks

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