Famous Ancestors & Relatives - How I connect to Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

nephew of wife of 7th great grandfather

Col Peter Jefferson (1708 - 1757)
father of Thomas Jefferson
'Capt' Thomas JEFFERSON (1677 - 1731)
father of Col Peter Jefferson
Mary Jefferson (1709 - 1755)
daughter of 'Capt' Thomas JEFFERSON
Thomas Turpin (1708 - 1790)
husband of Mary Jefferson
Phoebe Obedience Turpin (1771 - 1860)
daughter of Thomas Turpin
Alice Rebecca Trosper (1793 - 1853)
daughter of Phoebe Obedience Turpin
James Miles Mahan III (1824 - 1903)
son of Alice Rebecca Trosper
Dempsey Mahan (1848 - 1880)
son of James Miles Mahan III
John Melton Mahan (1867 - 1947)
son of Dempsey Mahan
Emma Hazel Mahan (1910 - 2006)
daughter of John Melton Mahan
Willa Dean Moses (1932 - 1998)
daughter of Emma Hazel Mahan
James Leo Gosnell (1951 - )
son of Willa Dean Moses
Lance J. Gosnell
You are the son of James Leo Gosnell


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