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Famous Ancestors & Relatives - How I connect to James Buchanan

James Buchanan (1791 - 1868) (US President)

3rd cousin 2x removed   of wife   of 6th great grandfather

James Buchanan (1761 - 1821)
father of James Buchanan
John Buchanan (1716 - 1802)
father of James Buchanan
William Alexander Buchanan (1700 - 1774)
father of John Buchanan
Thomas Buchanan (1680 - 1748)
father of William Alexander Buchanan
George Buchanan (1648 - 1675)
father of Thomas Buchanan
John Buchanan (1629 - 1662)
father of George Buchanan
Alexander Buchanan (1646 - 1728)
son of John Buchanan
Colonel James Buchanan (1698 - 1765)
son of Alexander Buchanan
Colonel John Buchanan (1724 - 1769)
son of Colonel James Buchanan
Jane Buchanan (1755 - 1812)
daughter of Colonel John Buchanan
John Floyd, SR (1745 - 1783)
husband of Jane Buchanan
Reuben Floyd (1765 - 1824)
son of John Floyd, SR
John Floyd (1804 - 1913)
son of Reuben Floyd
Elizabeth "Caroline" Floyd (1852 - 1937)
daughter of John Floyd
Benjamin Wallace "Ben" Storment (1884 - 1957)
son of Elizabeth "Caroline" Floyd
Lela M Stacks (1911 - 1994)
daughter of Benjamin Wallace "Ben" Storment
A. J. "buddy" Stacks (1932 - 1989)
son of Lela M Stacks
Linda Kay Stacks (1956 - )
daughter of A. J. "buddy" Stacks
Lance J. Gosnell
You are the son of Linda Kay Stacks


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Famous Ancestors & Relatives - How I connect to John Reed

John Silas "jack" Reed (1887 - 1920) (The only American Buried at the Kremlin in Russia)
is your 6th cousin 4x removed

Charles Jerome Reed (1855 - )
father of John Silas "jack" Reed
Silas Walker Reed
father of Charles Jerome Reed
Ezra Reed
father of Silas Walker Reed
Kitchell Reed
father of Ezra Reed
Abraham Reed
father of Kitchell Reed
Daniel Reed
father of Abraham Reed
John Reed (1667 - 1724)
father of Daniel Reed
Samuel Reed (1702 - 1760)
son of John Reed
Nathaniel Reed (1730 - 1790)
son of Samuel Reed
Isaac Reed (1754 - 1845)
son of Nathaniel Reed
Rebecca REED (1792 - 1850)
daughter of Isaac Reed
Levice McClung (1812 - 1870)
daughter of Rebecca REED
Wesley John Dodson (1841 - 1915)
son of Levice McClung
Laura Dodson (1866 - 1928)
daughter of Wesley John Dodson
Elzie Mariam Dollar (1900 - 1954)
son of Laura Dodson
Wynell Dollar (1935 - 2013)
daughter of Elzie Mariam Dollar
Linda K Stacks (1956 - )
daughter of Wynell Dollar Lance J. Gosnell (1978 - ) You are the…

Found this along the old Springfield DesArc Road

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