Famous Ancestors & Relatives - How I connect to Herodia Long

Herodias (Long) Hicks Gardner Porter is my 11th Great Grandmother

Herodias (Long) Hicks Gardner Porter, and her marital hijinx also made Rhode Island talk. In 1644 she and her first husband, John Hicks, parted after Horred charged him with abuse and he accused her of whoredom. In 1655 her second husband, George Gardner, was tried for keeping John Hicks’ wife as his own. Gardner was found not guilty because the Hickses had been legally separated. However, in 1665 the forty-two year-old Horred asked for a divorce from George because they had never married. Horred got another separation from the shocked colony. Only a couple of years later she and John Porter, who was a good twenty years older than she, were tried for cohabitation.

How so?

Herodias Long (1623 - 1722)
is your 11th great grandmother

Thomas Judge of the Court of Queens County HICKS (1641 - 1740)
son of Herodias Long

William Doughty Hicks (1678 - 1710)
son of Thomas Judge of the Court of Queens County HICKS

Nehemiah Hicks (1705 - 1769)
son of William Doughty Hicks

Shadrach Hicks (1725 - 1800)
son of Nehemiah Hicks

John Baptist Hicks (1746 - 1830)
son of Shadrach Hicks

Shadrack Hicks (1775 - 1846)
son of John Baptist Hicks

Isaac Hicks (1813 - 1889)
son of Shadrack Hicks

Rutha Jane Hicks (1840 - 1887)
daughter of Isaac Hicks

John Anderson Moses (1870 - 1951)
son of Rutha Jane Hicks

Ollie Umphory Moses (1892 - 1973)
son of John Anderson Moses

Willa Dean Moses (1932 - 1998)
daughter of Ollie Umphory Moses

James Leo Gosnell (1951 - )
son of Willa Dean Moses

Lance J. Gosnell
You are the son of  James Gosnell​

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