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Thomas Jefferson
(1743 - 1846)
Nephew to the wife of 
7th Great Grandfather

US President

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John Floyd Jr
5th Great Grand Uncle

The State of Virgina's 25th Governor

 John Silas "jack" Reed 
(1887 - 1920)
6th cousin 4x removed

The only American buried at the Kremlin in Russia
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Anthony Perkins 
(1932 – 1992)
10th cousin 4x removed. 

American Actor best known as Norman Bates in the film Psycho. 
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Barack Hussein Obama (1961 - )
3rd cousin 8x removed of wife of 5th cousin 8x removed 

 U.S. President
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George W. Bush (1946 - )
13th Cousin
 U.S. President
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James Buchanan (1791 - 1868)
3rd cousin 2x removed of wife of 
6th great grandfather
U.S. President
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Herodias Long (1623 - 1722)
11th Great Grandmother  

(No Picture exist of Herodias Long)
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