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This isn't a Masterclass, but a simple lesson which asks what is an actor?

I am an actor, though you will not recognize my face or my name and in fact when you visit my IMDb page you will find few credits and only one thus far with a speaking role, yet I am an actor. What is an actor? Many myself included grew up thinking an actor spent much of their time sitting at home rehearsing scenes with friends or in front of a mirror as a way to prepare for the next film project and for some this may be true but none of us begin at that level.  Some like Jennifer Lawrence get lucky and are discovered while on vacation in New York City, yet for the vast majority of us we are bitten by the acting but. Some of who can even tell you when. For me, it was watching Michael J. Fox on "Family Ties" as Alex P. Keaton. Yet, my attraction to the craft comes from the fact that I can be anyone I want to be at anytime. I love the idea of living in a world of make believe because my own mental background is a juggernaut of my own insecurities coupled with the fact that when

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