A Haunting at the Shinn Farm

A Haunting at the Shinn Farm
Inspired by the Mena Poltergeist
Written By:  Lance J.  Gosnell

In the quiet corners of Mena, Arkansas, a forgotten tale of strangeness and unease resides within the history of the Shinn farm. The farm's exact location may have slipped into obscurity since its sale in the early 1960s, but whispers of eerie happenings continue to weave their way through time. Midsouth Paranormal, a dedicated team led by retired cop Moses Hudson, is determined to unearth the elusive remnants of the farm and expose the enigmatic forces at play.

Guided by fragmented accounts and inspired by local legends, the members of Midsouth Paranormal venture into the remote woods of Mena. With each step, cameras in hand and a fervent curiosity in their hearts, they document their journey, capturing every moment of suspense and discovery.

Amidst the dense foliage and the shifting shadows, the investigators begin to encounter signs that suggest they are edging closer to the truth. Whispers of an ancient Indian burial ground, believed to underlie the very foundation of the Shinn farmhouse, cast a chilling pall over their mission. An unsettling notion takes root: could the restless spirits of the past be roused by the intrusion upon their sacred resting place?

While the search proves challenging, the team is bolstered by their determination to unravel the farm's mysteries. However, Midsouth Paranormal harbors a member whose motivations run deeper than curiosity alone. Moses Hudson, a retired cop who has ventured into the realm of the paranormal, finds himself haunted by a personal mission that transcends the supernatural.

Moses, once a dedicated police officer, has since channeled his skills into investigating the unknown, driven by an unyielding desire to connect with his trans son. Tragically, Moses' son took his own life as a result of transphobic bullying and the grip of depression. His fervent hope is to unlock the secrets of the paranormal world and use its power to bring his son back to the world of the living, to rewrite the tragic ending that transpired due to discrimination and despair.

As nights pass and the campfire's glow dances upon the edge of the woods, the unease deepens. Unexplainable rustlings, ghostly whispers, and perplexing apparitions begin to haunt Midsouth Paranormal's journey. Their equipment falters, recordings capture anomalies, and skepticism crumbles before the mounting evidence. 

Through the team's relentless pursuit, reality and the supernatural intertwine in ways they could never have imagined. The legacy of the Shinn farm emerges as a tapestry of chilling forces, threatening to consume not only the farm's history but also the lives of those who dare to unveil its secrets. And for Moses, the stakes couldn't be higher; he grapples with a heartrending decision to harness the unearthly energy he has encountered to rewrite the tragic fate that befell his son or risk his own life in the process.