A letter to President Biden to do the right thing and hold Israel accountable for its wrongs as well.

There is no such thing as a "good guy" or a "bad guy." Let me explain; what I am suggesting is that there are only people, and the concept of good and bad people stems from the challenging situations they face throughout their lives, leading them to make decisions that shape their destinies.

It's within these decisions that the notions of good and bad emerge. You see, what might be a good choice for one person can be a bad choice for someone else. Take, for instance, the perspective of a Zionist who believes it's justifiable to eliminate every Palestinian, as they perceive no wrongdoing. However, from the Palestinian viewpoint, they find themselves trapped under the control of the Israeli government and must make choices for survival, giving rise to militant groups and, regrettably, acts of war when pushed to their limits.

Not all Israelis are bad, nor are all Palestinians, and I would argue that it's their choices that can be wise for one but detrimental for the other.

Yet, if we step back and consider the broader context, we can hopefully see that some choices exacerbate the goals of both groups. However, there are certain principles that should remain paramount, regardless of faith or the lack thereof. One of these is that MURDER IS WRONG, and all murderers should be held accountable for their crimes, regardless of any justifications.

Now, concerning the statistics of Palestinian and Israeli casualties, I don't have that information, and it's not the critical issue. Both sides should be held accountable. Currently, as of October 7th, 2023, the United States President, Joe Biden, has yet to condemn Israel for its actions, both prior to and after that date, and their unchecked vengeance.

The longer the U.S. delays in taking the right course of action, the more blood will be on the nation's hands.