Out with the Old and In with the New, let's build our new tomorrow for all not just a few.


Nor would I want to be. Yet, here I am writing my thoughts down.

Throughout the history of the United States we have had moments just like what we are dealing with now. Sure, it might not have been the mega information dump about the dirty secrets about the Israeli lobby and how the United States is ignoring a clear genocide, but we have been here that you can guarantee.

First, a little about myself, I am forty-five year old activist living in the flyover state of Arkansas, yes the state that is the butt of many jokes and rightly so, not only did we elect Mike Huckabee as a Governor who managed to serve in that office for 10 long years of my life then we went and elected his daughter and we cannot forget that it was Democratic Governoe Orval Faubus who called the National Guard to stand a post at Central High to prevent 9 black students from rightfully attending high school that had long been considered an all white school.

That said, I have marched in Jena, Louisiana with many other defending the Jena 6. I fight for a long time to free the West Memphis 3 only to find out there was a legal maneuver that would allow them to walk free profess their innocence while the state could continue to maintain their guilt. Then in 2011, I along with many others occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol in protest of budget cuts, and an attack on collective bargaining. I have even been to jail for Justice as part of a Don't Ask; Don't Tell protest for refusal to leave a military recruiter's office. 

I am like you, lost in my thoughts of historical wonder and I cannot believe I am living through frightening times and I have no connection to Palistanians or the threat they are facing.

That said, how do we fix this mess? 

Let's strategize but we are going to have to bring together old school tactics and organizing because it will not be long before the powers will clamp down on the internet as we know it.

In Solidarity

Jena 6 March, (I am in the bottom right)

Wisconsin Uprising, (I am on the far right)

Don't Ask; Don't Tell Protest (Front left)